Ukrainian market research of air springas for Aktas Group

изучение рынка пневморессор, пневмоподушек

During the May of 2012 we made Ukrainian market research of air springs for Aktas Group ( For about 60 of dealers, service stations, fleets of trucks and shops of spare parts from over Ukraine were interviewed.


Below you can find contents of market research.




  1. Objectives of market research
  2. Parameters of the research:

2.1. Geography of the research,
2.2. Structure of participants by main activity,
2.3. Structure of participants for their position,
2.4. Total quantity of air springs, which participants buy during a year

  1. Scheme of distribution of air springs from producers to end-users
  2. Frequency of replacement of air springs
  3. Quality of brands
  4. Consumer’s preferences in selecting of air springs
  5. How do sales managers of shops and service centers influence on final decision of end-users?
  6. Providing advertising products by distributors of air springs
  7. Share of air spring brands on the Ukrainian market
  8. List of distributors of air springs in Ukraine
  9. Share of distributors of air springs in Ukraine
  10. Distributors’ promotions
  11. Customers’ recommendations for producers of air springs regarding promotion of brand
  12. Analysis of competitors’ prices
  13. Structure of fleet of European heavy duty vehicles in Ukraine

15.1.       Structure of the market by brands of trucks
15.2.       Statistic of quantity of heavy duty vehicles in regions of Ukraine
15.3.       Structure of the market by age of vehicles
15.4.       Structure of the market by carrying capacity of vehicles
15.5.       Share of semi trailer trucks

  1. Calculation of market size
  2. Profiles of Ukrainian distributors of air springs

 If You need to have Ukraininan market research of any groups of spare parts in automotive aftermarket, You can contact us:

Andrei Stygar

cell: +38(097)199-11-59

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